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132 Survey 5: Jon Whitcomb

1950-1960 Postwar Prosperities Jon Whitcomb (1906–1988) has made his name synonymous for his signature “Whitcomb girl” illustrations that depict glamorous young women. In particular, his propaganda posters during WWIII featured women encouraging men to join the war. In a time… Continue Reading →

132 Survey 4: Andrew Loomis

1940-1950 The Golden Age Part II American illustrator and author, Andrew Loomis (1982-1959), is best known for his instructional art books on sketching faces in angle and anatomy. He had studied at Art Students League of New York as well… Continue Reading →

142 Survey 3: Advertising

This week’s survey highlights some really innovative modern design! In particular, I was completely blown away by the works of American graphic designer as well as academy award winning filmmaker, Saul Bass (1920 –1996). Instead of opting for a photographic or… Continue Reading →

132 Survey 3: Hergé

1920-1940 The Golden Age Part I Hergé, with a bust of Tintin Sculpture by Nat Neujean[ Georges Prosper Remi (1907 – 1983), also known by the pen name Hergé, is a Belgium cartoonist. He is best known for famous comic series, The Adventure of Tintin and some of his other… Continue Reading →

132 Survey 2: Coles Phillips

 1900-1920 – Illustration’s Early Masters Photograph of Cole Phillips Cole Phillips (1880 – 1927) is an American illustrator known for his signature use of negative space in advertising illustration works. His art career started as he moved to New York attending Chase… Continue Reading →

132 Survey 1: Edward Lear

1860 – 1900 Illustration’s Beginnings Edward Lear was best known for his landscape, bird and other animal illustrations as well as his “nonsensical” limerick poems. Being the youngest of 21 children in the family, Lear was raised by his elder sister, Anne, and earned… Continue Reading →

“Index” Yearbook Page

I was assigned to do the index for our IDEA 22 history yearbook. The brainstorming process started with me doing thumbnail sketches with different themes (ancient greek/roman, avant-garde styles inspired by modern art/design movements). At the end, I decided to… Continue Reading →

“The Devastating Turmoil in 1925-30” Yearbook Spread

Our group was assigned to research on geo-political subjects in 1925-30. At the end, I decided to break the topic down into two major events after WWI – “The Great Depression” and “The Weimar Republic”. Since these 5 years had… Continue Reading →

131 Survey 10: Lisa Yuskavage

Lisa Yuskavage (Contemporary & Post Modernism) Lisa Yuskavage (1962- present) is an American contemporary artist known for her figurative paintings. Coming from a background of studying at Yale University School of Art, Yuskavage was very much passionate about art history…. Continue Reading →

141 Survey 10: Hollywood!

Lecture: Fortune and The Führer (1930-45) This week’s lecture covered the period from the Great Depression, the rise of the Nazi to the end of World War Two. With 30% of the American workforce being unemployed, industries came out with… Continue Reading →

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